söndag 18 oktober 2009

Orizon 2.0 på AppSec 2010 i Sthlm

OWASP-projektet Orizon -- ett verktyg för källkodsanalys -- gör sig redo för att släppa version 2.0 under AppSec Research 2010 i Stockholm.

"A lot of working will be done starting by today in order to reach a next major bump for Owasp AppSEC 2010 in Stockholm."

Läs mer på deras blogg eller kolla in demon nedan.

2 kommentarer:

thesp0nge sa...

I can't understand Swedish but sounds to be a reblog, so thank you man and look forward to see you guys next June :-)

John Wilander sa...

Just use Google Translate and you can read most of this blog ;).

Yes, it's a short reblog, Are you coming to the Summit in DC? If so, see you there. Otherwise, 'til June.